it’s hafkon felsdaken

Ever since its inception in 1970, Hafkon is a leading supplier of roof and façade Systems in The Netherlands. Our long history and successes has made our company an industrial house-hold name in The Netherlands and neighboring countries. To continue this legacy we continuously have to raise the bar further. Therefore, as part of its growth ambitions, Hafkon is thrilled to now extend its presence to the Middle Eastern and African market areas.

We are proud and privileged to have been involved in numerous appealing projects on our domestic market as well as abroad. Some of these achievements are highlighted in this brochure. Have a closer look at our track record and discover how we can create innovative, durable, high performance and low maintenance building envelope solutions for almost any project.

Operational excellence and customer service are the main pillars of our strategy. Hafkon aims to be a full service company. Our involvement starts with expert technical advice and support. Thereafter, our motivated and dedicated staff translates your requirements into a budget indication. Once the deal is concluded experienced project management staff shall manage the execution of our scope of work and experienced master installers sent from The Netherlands will install the roof, wall systems and supervise other installation workforce on your project.

As part of our corporate and social responsibility we will involve local assembly teams in the execution of the works as much as possible and thus make sure that local knowledge and experience is being built up. Alike, Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (QHSE) are of paramount importance to us. With each project we will provide adequate personal and other provisions to enforce the highest standards of QHSE while your project is taking shape.

As our valued customer you will enjoy the best of both worlds. Western European quality engineering, materials and application in combination with involvement of local workforce will lead to the ultimate value for money experience.

it’s hafkon felsdaken

At Hafkon International we can fulfill your roof and facade needs with a variety of systems. Whether it will be standing seam built up roofing and wall cladding systems or state of the art direct clip installations, we have a large number of aluminum profiled sheets and other inspiring metal finishes in our portfolio.


All solutions have in common that the design potential is almost unlimited. We can meet mostly any challenge of complex roof geometries and creating innovative designs. The materials used are virtually maintenance-free throughout the entire life time of the building and therefore, extremely economical. And obviously they are corrosion resistant, weather resistant, non sensitive to UV rays, resistant to microorganisms and resistant to ageing. It goes without saying that they are re-utilizable and 100% recyclable. Our design solutions guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic performance regardless of the geographical location of your project.

We have been tried, tested and trusted by thousands of customers. You are cordially invited to join this select group! We would welcome your enquiry.

Hafkon International is a strong and solid member of Janssen de Jong Groep in The Netherlands. With a profitable turnover of nearly € 300.000.000, a shareholder’s equity in excess of € 61.500.000 (2013) and an ambitious growth strategy for the years ahead, Janssen de Jong Groep year after year is ranking in the top 10 of construction companies in The Netherlands.

Janssen de Jong Groep employs some 1.100 people and combines activities related to property development, residential building, non-residential building, technical services and infrastructure. Janssen de Jong Groep subsidiaries are mainly operational in The Netherlands, Central and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and on the African continent and now expanding to the Middle Eastern Countries.

The Janssen de Jong Groep is financially solid with excellent track records with international financal institutions. This allows their subsidiaries to submit any required prepayment bonds, performance bonds and maintenance bonds. In addition to that a range of sophisticated insurances as per international standards are available to further contribute to the comfort and protection of our customers.