The use of aluminium in building and construction is an important step in sustainable building. The material aluminium has a life span of over 100 years. Aluminium, exposed to the environment will corrode as any other material, however the corrosion layer will protect the core against any furtehr normal environmental influence The can be re-used and re-melted limitlous. Allthough aluminium can be coil coated adn/or powder coated. The material as such needs no protection from these coatings. Another isssue is the anodized aluminium. We can speak here of 'fabricated' corrosion. The advantage of this surface treathment is a very hard top layer (can be done in color too) made of aluminium itsself


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Brewery Israel

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Julius Nyere International Airport


sport stadium dordrecht


brandweerkazerne venlo


sport center apeldoorn


würth head office den bosch